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Call on the experience and know-how of Pro-Métal Plus for metal bending and laser cutting in Quebec and across Canada. Allow us to create your steel, stainless steel, and aluminum parts with precision using fiber optics' latest technology.

Laser cutting in Quebec, with optical fiber

Our optical fiber’s laser cutting service is at the forefront of technology and allows us to make precise cuts on any size parts. We use oxygen, nitrogen and air as assist gas depending on the part selected. Before shipping, we perform rigorous quality control to ensure that the final product is exactly as you imagined it!

With a power of 4000 W, our equipment allows us to make the following cuts over a length of 120 in by 60 in:


  • steel with a thickness ≤ 3/4 in

  • aluminum with thickness ≤ 1/2 in

  • stainless steel with a thickness ≤ 5/8 in

Metal bending

With a maximum capacity of 165 tons, our precision equipment allows us to bend large steel, aluminum and stainless steel parts. The folding of boxes can be done in different lengths:


  • on 10 ft

box dimension


  • on 42 ft

metal box dimension
MaterialThicknessPunches (radius)MatrixTonnageLength
Steel20 gauges at 3/16 in.1/16 in. or 3/16 in.2 in.9010 ft - 0 in.
 1/4 in. 3/16 in.2 in.1608 ft - 0 in.
 5/16 in. 3/16 in.3 in. 9966 ft
 3/8 in.3/16 in.3 in. 1645.6 ft - 0 in.
 1/2 in. 3/16 in. 4 in.1604 ft - 0 in.
Aluminium20 gauges at 3/16 in.1/16 in. or 3/16 in.2 in. 5010 ft - 0 in.
 1/4 in. 3/16 in.2 in.988 ft - 0 in.
 5/16 in.3/16 in. 3 in.4866 ft
 3/8 in. 3/16 in.3 in.735.6 ft - 0 in. po
 1/2 in.3/16 in.4 in.1054 ft - 0 in.
Stainless steel20 gauges at 3/16 in.1/16 in. or 3/16 in.2 in.154 0 ft - 0 in.
 1/4 in.3/16 in.2 in.16560 in.
 5/16 in.3/16 in.3 in.14760 in.
 3/8 in.3/16 in.3 in.15040 in.
 1/2 in.3/16 in.4 in.16230 in.



  • For a 1/16 in. part with thickness ≥ 10 gauges/half of the "V" of the die + 1/16 in.

  • For ≥ thicknesses 3/16 in.: half the "V" of the matrix + 1/8 in.

Example for a thickness of 1/4 in:

graph showing minimum bending according to thickness

We can also carry out the assembling, welding, sandblasting and painting of the parts. Contact us to learn more about our services, such as laser cutting in Quebec and Canada!


Fill out the following form or contact us by email at, or by phone at 418-286-4949.

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laser cutting machine

Ask for a Quote

Our team will answer your questions and can give you a quote for bending or cutting metal.


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