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Your safety, our priority

In order to ensure total safety and to carry out a risk analysis in a factory, our employees can go on site to establish your safety plan, in addition to making protective parts such as guards and safety nets. We can develop a technical description, technical risk analysis sheets to set up an action plan and create protective parts.


Pro-Métal Plus also deals with the protection of existing machines according to the conformity required by the CNESST since most of the technical specifications must be approved by the CNESST. Pro-Métal Plus has the expertise and knowledge of standards, in addition to being able to custom design and manufacture for the needs of the company while keeping in mind the prerequisite safety standards.




Efficient and Compliant Protection

CNESST asks you to make protective guards for your machines and/or conveyors? Pro-Métal Plus has developed, together with industrial partners, flexible protection nets. We are also trained according to standards to offer you compliant products. Each trap is designed according to the customer's desired dimensions.


In situations where protection by a safety net is not applicable, Pro-Métal Plus has developed an expertise in the manufacturing of all types of metal safety guards that comply with various safety codes.


Pro-Métal Plus' safety nets are innovative products, used for workers' safety against stationary machines and conveyors.


These safety nets adequately and at a lower cost replace the expanded metal guards used in the past. Moreover, this protection system facilitates access to workers, especially during maintenance and cleaning.

Our achievements

Discover in pictures our safety nets designed by our team to ensure your protection.

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Safety nets

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