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A team of experts

You need or lack the workforce to perform your equipment modification work that requires a mechanic. We are a company that can help you. We have at your disposal autonomous millwrights capable of welding in all types of environments. All of our rental employees are multi-tasked and can travel across Canada.


At your disposal, 40 certified field employees can meet your needs at all times during your planned production shutdowns or for any other request.

Experienced installers

You can trust Pro-Métal Plus to install the products and parts we manufacture.


With over thirty years of experience in the field, our installers will give you confidence during the various installations. And to ensure you an irreproachable quality of work, we have workers with their CCQ cards in multiple trades.


Many of our customers who have trusted us to manufacture their parts also entrust us with the installation.


Our highly efficient construction site team is available and competent for each of the services we offer. This allows the customer to eliminate intermediaries and possible problems.


We have a team of installers consisting of:

experienced millwrights (piping, machinery)

welders / assemblers

maneuvers (daily)

Our Achievements

Many customers have put their trust in our team of experienced installers.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Contact our team today to learn more about our services.

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